David Cain, President of UMEDIA, Inc., has been pioneering multimedia since 1980.

elconshoot1What we do: Cinema 4k video/movies (produce, write, direct, edit, deliver), music (create, perform, record, mix), photograph (event, portrait, art) creative writing (books, poetry, lyrics), animation (cartoons, 2D, 3D), multimedia conferences (produce, direct, create, consult), art (2D, 3D, still, moving, performance, interactive), teach (film/video, animation, writing, music, multimedia), breathe (teach Chopra Center meditation).

Let us help you turn your dreams into reality, with state-of-the-art tools, techniques and aesthetics; on-time, on-budget & stress-free! Contact us today!

The many faces of Abe Lincoln come alive (courtesy of the Library of Congress) in our production of The Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area for Looking for Lincoln and the Illinois Office of Tourism. Abraham Lincoln, his life, his legacy, comes alive in the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area.

David Cain has released a new album of Piano Improvisations titled Meditations. MEDITATIONS is the story of improvisational time capsules, moments of musical meditation. The spontaneous recordings were inspired by the memory of David Cain’s composer-mentor, Dr. Roque Cordero.

Downtown Springfield Inc. covers roughly 56 blocks which include landmarks where our 16th President walked, worked and lived. Here is a DSI highlight video featuring new downtown businesses …

Enjoy scenes of Illinois as seen through my lens and the lenses of Enjoy Illinois Instagram contributors and the Illinois Office of Tourism.

Original glass-making arts video for DSI featuring artist Andy Walbert @ Upper Limits.

Blackburn College “Welcome Week” is a short film that tell the story of a private student-centered college in Illinois making a difference in the lives of young people.

Illinois workNet QuickStart Videos – for career-building and workforce development.

Illinois workNet – A Day-in-the-Life of a Medical Assistant (150,000+ views)

American General – Brand ID Video

Wertico Cain & Gray’s 5th CD “SHORT CUTS – 40 IMPROVISATIONS” made the First-Round Ballots in Field 10: Category 33 – BEST JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM of the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards. (iTunes)

Wertico Cain & Gray’s 4th CD “REALIZATION” has been nominated in two categories of the 15th Independent Music Awards: LIVE PERFORMANCE ALBUM and LONG FORM MUSIC VIDEO. You can read more

The new Wertico Cain & Gray album, REALIZATION, is available on iTunes and CD BabyREALIZATION is an album that brings together worlds of styles and inspirations into moments of reality. It’s music for people who love to live an adventure through music, and dream through sound.

“Original and visionary music from original and visionary musicians… Spontaneous composition sounds so cool in the hands of @werticocaingray.” My rave of their new album ‘Realization’ (S. Victor Aaron)

The Wertico Cain & Gray REALIZATION @ iTunes and as Video-On-Demand includes 2 bonus videos: WCG Conversations (recorded at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, December 5, 2015) and a behind-the-scenes Filmmaking Commentary.

Life. Music. Are all a series of conversations. Paul Wertico, David Cain & Larry Gray discuss their new album, REALIZATION, and share insights about spontaneous music, improvisation, collaboration, recording, tradition, new technology…

7-time Grammy Award winner Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray explore new worlds of sound-making and digital cinema. WCG’s 4th album, REALIZATION, is the story of back-to-back improvisational time capsules.

This spontaneous trio composes and orchestrates everything in real-time, melting acoustic and electronic sounds with new-tech and word-tech, in-sync with an inner muse that connects to the universe of possibilities, and musically conversing to the point of sheer telepathy. (Album available at  iTunes and CD Baby)Wertico Cain & Gray REALIZATION Video-On-Demand includes 2 bonus videos: WCG Conversations and a behind-the-scenes Filmmaking Commentary. Enjoy and share the dreams.

Life. Music. Are all a series of conversations. Paul Wertico, David Cain & Larry Gray discuss their new album, REALIZATION, and share insights about spontaneous music, improvisation, collaboration, recording, tradition, new technology… (recorded at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, December 5, 2015)

Our short improvised comedy film Intercourse was selected by the Route 66 Film Festival and will be screened on November 6 & 7, 2015, (Buy Tickets 

Production has begun on an original feature film titled, The Luckiest People.
Logline: An egotistical radio personality meets his mid-life crisis and a shy health store consultant searching for her voice. With a little luck, they learn to appreciate the fiber of life.
Synopsis: “The Big Lebowski” meets “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”

Organic Architecture, by Wertico Cain & Gray, was 100% improvised and recorded live in Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Dana-Thomas House (Illinois State Historic Site) on February 15, 2014. This video and audio project pioneers a new direction in music and video! Video On-Demand.

Wertico, Cain & Gray’s CD  “Sound Portraits” won Best Live Performance Album in the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards (2014). Sound Portraits.

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