Feast For The Senses

sarah-02Feast For The Senses: An evening of improvised music produced by seven-time Grammy award winning drummer, Paul Wertico, and award winning musician, artist, filmmaker, author and composer David Cain. Available on DVD or Amazon Instant Video or MP3.

David Cain & Paul Wertico, Feast For The Senses Concert, Comes to PBS
Rare Concert Features 7-time Grammy Award winner Paul Wertico and Award Winning Multimedia Artist David Cain and Other Top- Flight Musicians recorded “Live-in-Concert” – The Feast For The Senses: An Evening of Improvised Music

The Feast For The Senses “evening of improvised music becomes a thrilling journey into the imaginations of multi-instrumentalist David Cain and 7-Time Grammy-awarding winning drummer Paul Wertico. Every time you think you’ve got this one nailed down, Feast for the Senses – which more than lives up to its title’s lofty promises – takes another astonishing turn. For instance, “If I Could Get One Answer” begins with the sort of coiled, darkly mysterious fusion that fueled Miles Davis’ early-1970s recordings. But this is no straight-ahead fusion …” ~ Nick DeRiso

Paul’s Drum Solo

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