Close To The Edge

In Development, a feature film titled, “Close To The Edge,” by David Cain

Summary: An innocent young woman leaves home to discover what life has to offer, the agonies and ecstasies, until she finds fulfillment. When she does, she finds true happiness. A young woman’s story of transcendence. Innocence lost. Wisdom gained. Love. Loss. Life. Production is slated to begin in 2013. Excerpt:

It’s time to ask your friends to leave. They are not welcome here.

I’m going with them.


I was going to ask you in the morning, if you would mind, but I see now that you’re not going to say yes.

You might get overwhelmed.

I will get overwhelmed.

You might not know what to do.

I will not know what to do at times.

You might die.

I will die. We all do.

Sarah’s father leaves the room, disgusted, angry, frustrated. Sarah sits down, head in her hands…

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