It has been an honor and pleasure working with the Illinois Association FFA for over 20 years. I want to share my experience in the multimedia industry with you to create strong, powerful and purposeful photographs that tell the FFA story.

Communications Summit 2015

Communications Summit 2015

You are all very familiar with this sentence: “As the flag covers the United States of America, so I strive to inform the people in order that every man woman and child may know that the FFA is a national organization that reaches from the state of Alaska to Puerto Rico and from the state of Maine to Hawaii.”

Let’s take FFA photography from good to great, and “inform the people” through amazing photographs. I look forward to building animations and video programs that include your photos – what you see – the FFA story. (PDF document)

As an added incentive, and to recognize great work, I will be announcing an IL FFA photography contest. The goal: to find the most evocative, inspirational, and significant photos that tell the story: “This is the FFA.” More details to come…

Good luck and great photos!


Proud Traditions – 2015 State Convention video

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