Career Training

UMEDIA produces video programs that educate, motivate, inspire and persuade.

A Day-in-the-Life of a Medical Assistant (over 145,000 views)

A Day-in-the-Life of Biofuels Processing Technicians

What Employers Want: A Positive Attitude

Workplace Skills: Independence & Initiative

What Employers Want: A Good Work Ethic

Workplace Skills: Reasoning and Problem Solving

Workplace Skills: Communication

Workplace Skills: Leadership and Teamwork

Workplace Skills: Self-Presentation

Workplace Skills: Understanding The Big Picture

Workplace Skills: Career Development

Illinois JobLink training program

IDES Online Programs

Individuals Affected by a Job Layoff – What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off

Prepare for a Job Search

Getting Ready for a Job Interview

DRS: Starting a Small Business Success Story, Part 1

Veterans Resume Introduction

IDES Unemployment Insurance Program

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