Video/Audio Art

My treatise, Towards an Unbroken Media & Art, was an attempt to understand, formulate, and create with a continuum of all art elements: music, visual, writing, film, drama, movement. My business name UMEDIA evolved from the term that I coined in 1980: “Unbroken Media.”

Organic Architecture, by Wertico Cain & Gray, was 100% improvised and recorded live in Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Dana-Thomas House (Illinois State Historic Site) on February 15, 2014. This video and audio project pioneers a new direction in music and video

Wertico, Cain & Gray’s CD  “Sound Portraits” won Best Live Performance Album in the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards (2014). The 6 camera angles of video were digitally hand-painted, and the compositing and layering of these 6 video perspectives allows the viewer to “be the director.” Instead of seeing a close-up of a single musician, while forsaking the rest of what is going on, Sound Portraits allows the viewer to see everything – what they want, when they want, how they want. It’s been an amazing journey working on this project with my good friend and collaborator, Paul Wertico – an equally mad scientist/artist. Please visit Wertico Cain and Gray for more info, DVD, Instant Video and Audio.

Feast For The Senses (Independent Film) Broadcast on PBS
An evening of improvised music presented by seven-time Grammy award winning drummer, Paul Wertico, and award winning musician, artist, filmmaker, author and composer David Cain. on DVD or Instant Digital Download or MP3.

East Meets West #9 – (music and animation by David Cain; text by Rumi)

Oceans of Grace – (music and animation by David Cain)

There Is A Place – (music by David Cain and Senses, featuring dancer Luda Bella)

Looking For Your Face – (music by David Cain and Senses; video by David Cain)

Fire Of Love – (music by David Cain and Senses; video by David Cain; dance by Springfield Ballet Company members)

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