David Cain has written books, poetry, lyrics, screenplays, scripts, speeches for CEOs and a General, and taught creative writing. Here are a few samples:

Who Moved My Illusion?
 (book by David Cain)
Discover the secrets of the mover, the moved, and the moving. by David Cain, is available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Also available as an iBook at iTunes. More info…

Shells of Things by David Cain © 2012 (poem, lyric)
“Donate these words to your consciousness like sugar water, poured in 3 dimensions, by perception…” More info…

Van Gogh’s Foci by David Cain © 2012 (poem, lyric, song)
A poem, lyric, & song, mastered by legendary engineer Pete Mews at Abbey Road Studios.
“In the corner we hear time and feel life grind in color…” More info…

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