Who Moved My Illusion?

Copyright ©2009 by David Cain. All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1441480609 EAN-13: 9781441480606
Published by UMEDIA, Inc.

“Who Moved My Illusion? Discover the secrets of the mover, the moved, and the moving.” by David Cain. Available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Also available as an iBook at iTunes.

Who’s Doing the Thinking? (excerpt)
“Everything that we sense – see, hear, taste, touch, or smell – is essentially made up of energy and information. Quantum physicists show us that all things are made up of atoms: your body, car, and ice cream, even your favorite TV show. And at even smaller units than the atom, such as quanta, we discover subatomic particles of energy and information vibrating on and off. Even our thoughts exist as energy and information. The energy and information of all our life experiences are the sub atomic particles of who we are, have been, and will be.Further, we all share these atoms and molecules of energy and information. Think back to a time when you smelled gourmet food, popcorn or perfume from across the room. In that moment, you actually smelled the shared energy and information from that smell with the other beings in that room or space.To see how this correlates, let’s look at the classic chemistry lesson featuring Julius Caesar. When Caesar exhaled his last, dying breath, over 2050 years ago, he released a phenomenal number of “breath” molecules, mainly nitrogen and carbon dioxide.iv Most calculations show this very large number as 10 to the 23rd (10 followed by 22 zeros: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). So what happened to all those breath molecules? Most of the molecules were dispersed around the world, so that if you took a deep breath right now, a few of the molecules you just inhaled came from Caesar’s last breath. You can replace Caesar’s breath in this example with the breath of your favorite person, relative, historical figure, pet, or total stranger. The reality is that we are constantly sharing energy and information all the time.As you are thinking these words, ask yourself the question, “Who’s doing the thinking?” Most of you will answer, “me.” The “me” in this case is not the brain, the body, the intellect, or the ego. The “me” in this case is the observer, or the self. This is the same self to whom all experiences are happening. If you remove all of the essential “stuff” of life: eating, sleeping, breathing, working, loving, driving, watching Oprah (I love Oprah!) – what remains is you, the “me” of “I am,” the one who experiences life.There isn’t a person inside your head, just a magical blend of atoms and chemicals. Ancient Vedic wisdom tells us that “You are not in your mind; your mind is in you. You are not in your body; your body is in you.” I love this expression by Deepak Chopra: “I’m in you. You’re in me. And the place where you’re in me and I’m in you is the same place. Only it’s not a place. It’s a state of consciousness.”

This means that in terms of quantum physics, we are all part of the same energy, information, and infinite possibilities of the universe. Omniscient and eternal. Unlimited by space and time.

From here on, be there as the observer of your mind and body; no matter what experience you are having. From here on, be the mover of your illusion no matter what illusion you are having.”

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