I love to dream, to imagine the future, to create the future… Here is an exploration of “the observer observing the observed.” It all started with a beautiful sunset in Huatulco, Mexico…

Here are a few of my works, some of which were born from my animation work, specifically the psychedelic East Meets West #9 (animation, music, poetry).  I had the most vivid dreams when working on this animation!

East Meets West #9

Oceans of Grace was built from a layer of colored light animation in the background that interacts with an ever-flowing and evolving liquid animation is transformed by the background color & light. Noteworthy: it took exactly 7 days, 24 hours a day, to render this 60 minute long animation. I had my computer on battery backups and would frequently run up the stairs to my loft studio to check on the progress! The music is a 60 minute work – variations on the theme – that I created for the purpose of meditating, unplugging from the flotsam & jetsam of life, the volcano of thoughts… It works. Amazon Instant Video and DVD.

Oceans of Grace

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