Talking with Phil Ramone

Audio Services include multi-track recording, producing, engineering, editing, mixing and mastering. UMEDIA has recorded and produced original music, audio for major corporations, government agencies, universities, and private organizations, including the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, singer-songwriters, bands, and David’s original music projects. Here is a link to the just released Sound Portraits CD by Wertico Cain & Gray, available for download as mp3 or hi-rez FLAC files!

UMEDIA offers a full-range of audio production services in its state-of-the-art digital studio in the Hoogland Center for the Arts, and on-location. David is a member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (NARAS – Grammy 365).


In the studio with Paul Wertico and Larry Gray. Working on a new album. Engineered by Mark Brunner and Dean Giavaras at Reel Sounds. Paul and I are mixing now. I am holding Les Paul’s vocal mic while relaxing against Billy Joel’s mixing console. History. Old and new.

The new Wertico Cain & Gray album, REALIZATION, is now available on iTunes and CD Baby. REALIZATION is an album that brings together worlds of styles and inspirations into moments of reality. It’s music for people who love to live an adventure through music, and dream through sound.  7-time Grammy Award winner Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray continue to cultivate their artistic exploration of new worlds of sound-making, giving rise to this REALIZATION. All things are possible for this trio, as they plan nothing ahead of time, or even discuss what they are going to play, freeing them to go in the direction of their dreams, to become WCG dreams, and sharing those dreams with their listeners.


Wertico Cain & Gray ‘s CD, “Out In SPACE,” improvised and recorded live at Evanston SPACE. CDs, FLAC & MP3s available at CD Baby…

A brief history: A Christmas gift of a reel-to-reel tape recorder from his parents around the age of 8 set everything in motion. David has been composing, recording, mixing, mastering… ever since, including his studies of music composition and orchestration with award-winning composer Dr. Roque Cordero, and being on the roster of Geffen Records.

In early 2012, David began collaborating with 7-time Grammy winning drummer Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group, Kurt Elling, Ken Nordine, Larry Corryel…) Please visit the Wertico Cain and Gray page for more info. Here are tracks from “Sound Portraits,” produced, edited and mixed by David Cain and Paul Wertico. Recorded live by Dean Giavarras.

FYI – David and Paul are currently auditioning high-level projects to produce, record and mix. Please contact us for more info.

Fun Fact: David’s choir samples (real choir samples, Prophet 2000 & 3000 samples, and a Kawaii “Ahh” synth patch) became the startup sound for Apple (Mac) computers.

Composer-Teacher lineage, for those who are interested:

Roque Cordero (my teacher)
Eight Miniatures for Small Orchestra (Detroit Sympphony)

Ernst Krenek (Roque’s teacher)
Sinfonia n.4 op.113 (1947)

Arnold Schoenberg (Ernst’s teacher)
Variations for Orchestra Op 31 (1934)

Influences: Beatles, Yes, Zappa, Miles David, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Weather Report, Peter Gabriel, Charlie Parker, Beethoven, Chopin…

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