Organic Architecture

Organic Architecture is a seamless, genre-expanding marriage of sound and vision performed by Wertico Cain & Gray with a quality never before experienced.

Inspired by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray take musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge … and beyond. Organic Architecture was 100% improvised and recorded live in Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Dana-Thomas House (Illinois State Historic Site). This video and audio project pioneers a new direction in music and video!

1. Invisible Fountain From Which All Rhythms Flow
2. Destroy The Box
3. Salvation By Imagination
4. Life Is Truth…
5. Reveal The Nature Of The Wood
6. I Shake The Buildings Out Of My Sleeves
7. Children Of Earth & Sun
8. Love Is The Virtue Of The Heart
9. Space Is The Breath Of Art
10. Freedom Is From Within
11. The Truth Is More Important Than Facts / Credits

Paul Wertico (acoustic drums, cymbals, percussion, iPad, iPhone)
Wertico has rightly been called one of the most versatile and musical drummers of our day. With seven Grammys and numerous other awards codifying his art and flair, the genius and scope displayed on Organic Architecture is high justification for Wertico as a “restless innovator” … “inspired madman” … “impressionist painter” … and “a true legend of jazz drums.” Few artists improvise with the fire and imagination pulsing through Wertico’s sticks.

David Cain (red sax, vocals, words, iPads, keys, wind controller, synths)
An acclaimed revolutionary of unbroken media and art, David Cain is a vocalist, musician, and filmmaker jamming across Organic Architecture’s high-wire of collaborative music, art, and visuals. Cain’s artistic trek dances between reality one moment and subconscious interlude the next. A bona fide risk taker, Cain gives us remarkable new frontiers of improvised sound and vision.

Larry Gray (acoustic & electric bass, guitar, cello, flute)
A finer, more pure sound than bassist Larry Gray’s is indeed rare. Larry’s musical work is a multifaceted amalgam of creative, unbridled musicality. The list of exemplary and legendary musical artists with whom Gray has worked is as wide ranging as the genre of jazz itself. His unique voice on the bass reaches across the stage, the screen and through the air…. The range of Gray’s instrumental virtuosity is compelling and captivating.

Produced, edited & mixed by David Cain & Paul Wertico at UMEDIA Studios. Directed by David Cain. Sound design, live audio & recording by Dean Giavaras. Special thanks to Justin Blanford, Curt Fritzeen, and the staff at The Dana-Thomas House State Historic Site and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Wireless audience headphones and an array of amazing microphones provided by Shure. Photos by Patrick Russell; edited by David Cain.

© 2014 Wertico Cain & Gray All Rights Reserved. Please visit the Wertico Cain and Gray web site for more info.

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